Sep 16 2014

Benefits of Sandblasting Without Traditional Sand

Traditional blasting sand often contains high amounts of silica, which is toxic if ingested and harmful to the environment. Luckily there is a way to sandblast without the use of highly toxic materials like silica loaded sand.

Recycled glass media is extremely low in silica and is quickly replacing sand as a more environmentally friendly sandblasting material. The absence of silica in high amounts is just one benefit that this material has to offer. Sandblasting with this method is incredibly effective and yields beautiful results.

Crushed recycled glass is also less dense than other sandblasting materials, which means that there can be less time in between blasts and greater productivity levels. This material is also only classified as a “nuisance” dust and therefor requires very little clean up, also adding to productivity to time ratio. This also means that the material, once used, doesn’t leave behind any harmful chemical residue.

Sep 14 2014

My Dream Job

I never imagined that I would be sitting at home making my weekly paychecks by doing website builder web design. I always dreamed of it as a job in high school, but never really thought it would come true. I have now been doing it for 5 years and have never once slacked off or not given it 100%. I now have permanent clients that have work for me on a consistant basis. So far I have around 8 individuals that need constant projects fufilled by me. I have been thinking about putting together some business cards to put in local stores so if anyone needs a website they can call my number and I can create one for them. I am hoping that if I make the cards than I will be bringing in new clients left and right than I can move out of my parents house into my own place.

Sep 04 2014

Another Monday

I hit snooze on my alarm one too many times, which put me behind my normal schedule. I skipped my workout, made my coffee and then proceeded to leave it on the counter, which is huge waste – not to mention my lack of coffee.

Of course, leaving later than usual resulted in me catching every single red light on the way to the interstate. All I could think about was getting some of the mediocre coffee once I got to work. I knew the pot would be nearly drained and I’d have to resort to the bitter bottom of the pot unless someone happened to have started a new pot.

Disgusting bottom coffee in hand I went to my office and realized that I should be getting a new order of invoice sheets, which immediately brightened my day. I guess you have to appreciate the small things like NCR pads.

Aug 15 2014

Becoming a Better Nurse

As a nurse, I want to be as knowledgeable as I can. This means branching out and continuing my training so that I am a valuable member of my doctors team. One of the ways that I am furthering my education is by taking preoperative assessment courses. These courses will teach me everything that I need to know about reviewing patients prior to their surgeries. Helping the sick and injured has always been a passion of mine and I want to do everything that I can to help. I have already scheduled my courses, now I am just waiting for them to start. In the meantime, I am doing everything I can at work to gain as much knowledge as possible in my field. My goal is to become one of the most knowledgeable and helpful nurses in the area.

Aug 06 2014

Ways to help with stress reduction!

In trying to address my chronic insomnia that I’ve struggled with for decades, I have had to address stress. Especially ways to reduce any stress that I have that may be causing the insomnia. Different types of sleep uk therapy recommend having a certain time of day, that everything that could cause stress is completely turned off. For instance, work, personal issues. I examined that issue more closely, and determined that could have been an issue that was causing the insomnia. Not having enough time shut things off mentally. I concentrated on that one issue, to being to address my chronic sleep disorder. I decided by 8 p.m. was a reasonable enough time to finish up anything of a work related nature. I also started to keep a sleep journal, which was extremely helpful. I documented the exact time I shut off everything work related, and document the hours of sleep I am getting.